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Bad Wish

It was their five year wedding anniversary. Her husband had taken her out to an incredible restaurant by the beach, and while  the sun dripped into the dark-hued sea, they shared a bottle of wine and talked all night about how great the last five years had been. 

They brought another bottle home with them, eager to keep the night going for as long as possible. At home they sat on the couch facing each other, glasses of wine in hand, and looked into each other’s eyes. 

"You look beautiful tonight." The husband said. The wife could see the deep love and affection welled up in his dark orbs.

"I wish I could see myself the way you see me," the wife sighed wistfully. 

"Would you really like that?" Said the husband as he brushed a piece of her hair from her cheek. 

She smiled. He was so sweet and tender. 

"Yes," she said. 

Suddenly, he was up off the couch and had left the room. 

"Honey?" She called out confused.

He was back and in his hand was the leash and collar that was normally for the dog. He snapped it around her neck.

"What the fuck?" She asked, but was interrupted when he yanked the leash, pulling her off the couch and spilling the wine onto the floor.

She wanted to scream at him, but he was walking brusquely to the bedroom and it was all she could do to keep up, running on all fours like a dog. 

When they got to the bedroom, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her onto the bed. From somewhere under the bed, he pulled out a chord of rope.

The wife was in full on survival mode, but her husband’s strength and her own inability to grasp his sudden change in behavior, made the end inevitable, and soon she was tied down completely to the bed.

Her arms were tied tightly behind her back, pulling her shoulder blades back uncomfortably, and  her legs pulled up and tied to her thighs. A noose went around her neck that attached to the bottom of the bedframe, pinning her head to the end of the bed. 

"Why are you doing this?" She cried.

"I wanted to show you how I really see you?" Asked the husband. He sounded confused that she would ask such a silly question. He took her lipstick and wrote slut on her forehead.

He kept her there for the next 48 hours while he used her mouth. She just stared at him in sullen anger while his cock violently pushed past her gag reflex. Eventually, he grunted and shot cum on her face. 

He untied her and put on her collar, then he lead her to her new room, a kennel in the corner. He put a plug in her ass and a vibrating egg in her pussy. Then he wiped his dick off on her hair.

It was the last of their wedding anniversaries, but it would be the start of her first slave anniversary. 


After school let out, Lisa and her boyfriend headed over to his house to hang out for a bit before she had cheer practice.  He was showing her around the place and when she thought they were alone in the barn, she grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a quick kiss.  That one kiss turned into a few more as they wandered through the barn.  She had heard a rumor about the hucows on his father’s farm but never in her wildest imagination did she think it was true. He showed her the tools of his farther’s trade and Lisa was drawn to the milking machine like a bee to honey.  She immediately pulled off her blouse and attached the machines to her tits.  ”Turn it on, baby”, she cooed to her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend shyly smiled and flipped the switch to on.  The machine initially startled her because she didn’t think the suction would be so hard.  ”fuckkkk, that really hurts, but in a good way”, she thought to herself as her eyes rolled back into her head.  Between her legs had grown very wet and her mind immediately filled with thoughts of being milked for the rest of her life.  She knew that was a silly thought, but it was such a turn on to fantasize.

Before she knew what was happening, four men entered the paddock she and her boyfriend were standing in.  She recognized one of them as her boyfriend’s father.  She was so embarassed!  She tried to pull the milkers off her tits but the suction was so hard they wouldn’t come off.  the harder she pulled the more the machine clamped down on her supple breasts.  It was really starting to hurt.  ”Don’t fight it, honey”, the farmer said, “You won’t be able to get those off until I turn the machine off.  The farmer walked over to the contraption and flipped the switch to off.  Lisa could fill the heat in her checks from her shame as well as the heat in her breasts from the milker.  She went to grab for her clothes and one of the farm hands stepped in the way.  ”You won’t be needing those anymore”, the farmer said as he reached for his tool box.  Lisa was very confused and scared and tried to run for the door.  The farm hands grabbed her and threw her on her back on a bale of hay that was in the center of the paddock.  They popped a bit in her mouth and clamped it closed around the back of her head.  ”This can’t be happening”, Lisa thought to herself.  She tried to scream, but her cries were muffled by the bit.  Tears streamed down her face as she tried to struggle and squirm her way off the hay bale.  She was no match for the farmer’s men, who’s calloused hands held her firmly down.  

Through the tears she could see the farmer approaching her wearing thick black gloves while carrying a syringe filed with a milky fluid.  she continued to try to get away, but she knew deep in her heart her attempts were futile.  ”Flip her over on her belly and be sure to hold her nice and still”, the farmer ordered. His men seamlessly followed out the farmer’s commands.  The farmer pat Lisa on her tight round ass and leaned in and whispered in her ear “You are mine now, Darlin.  The rules are that you do everything that I say, everything that the farmhands say and you will be treated fairly.  The next few weeks are going to be difficult, and even harder on you if you try to fight it.  Forget everything you knew before this moment.  Your new life is starting now.”  Lisa then felt the sharp pain of the needle in her ass. It began to throb like no pain she had ever felt.  ”That sting you feel is your immunizations and hormone treatment shot”, The farmer said casually as began his inspection of Lisa’s body.  ”You will get a shot every day for the next couple of weeks as your body is adjusting.” Lisa could feel a cold goo being slathered on her pussy and asshole.  ”Open those legs wider boys”, the farmer commanded.  The farmhands deftly parted her legs.  Lisa felt a gloved hand parting her pussy lips and the farmer began to roughly finger her opening.  ”A virgin! Great job, Danny!, You made your daddy a happy man.  You are going to make a good farmer yet, boy”.  Lisa struggled to try to see her boyfriend.  How could he have done this to her?  Was this planned the whole time?  How could she have been so foolish?

to be continued…

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Like most of the lesbian feminist rebel commanders this prisoner was given lactation treatments. Her udders have now enlarged to over 4 times their size and she produces large amounts of milk. This cow has not been milked in 3 day, she is begging for milking now. ‘Please Sir put the milking cups on my teets I am so full, every movement hurts, I need to let down my load Sir, Please milk me.’ I am sure she never thought she would be begging like that when she was with the rebels.

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She is only allowed up from all fours for certain things. She makes enough food for two people and splits it up. She plates one meal, presents it nicely, arranged. The other she chops into bite size pieces and places in a dog bowl. She places the plate on the table and the bowl on the floor next to the chair.

She waits on hands and knees. She hears his key in the lock and tenses up. She still gets nervous when she presents herself this way, still holds her breath until she hears him speak.

He pats her on the head, spits into her dog bowl, and they both begin to eat dinner.

Not that she should even be allowed to eat that much…Hopefully that is for her Man.

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Daddy kept her like this all day, at least she was facing the TV, and could access all of the buttons on the remote, which was tightly strapped between her legs. In the spirit of true humor Daddy had turned Parental Controls on the TV, subjecting her to sexy Kidnap movies, SVU, and of course porn. Some days he wouldn’t even let her out, just sit and watch with her, grope her, put the speed to slow on her cock sucking trainer, and leave her in the dark as he slept. 
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Daddy kept her like this all day, at least she was facing the TV, and could access all of the buttons on the remote, which was tightly strapped between her legs. In the spirit of true humor Daddy had turned Parental Controls on the TV, subjecting her to sexy Kidnap movies, SVU, and of course porn. Some days he wouldn’t even let her out, just sit and watch with her, grope her, put the speed to slow on her cock sucking trainer, and leave her in the dark as he slept. 

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That’s what you think you’re wearing out? Pants. I don’t think so.

but they’re comfy and they’re my favourite a-


wh- what?

Piss yourself. 

You’re disgusting. Now go get cleaned up and put your skirt on.

Y.. Yes, Sir.

This is the level of control, women, you should aspire to give your man. Men, this is the level of contempt you should aspire to have for your cunt.

Quite excellent. Wearing pants - I don’t think so.

If she insists on wearing pants, insist she piss in them and wear them out like that. Tit for tat.

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Add this machine to the others at the gym. Is that really too much to ask? I guarantee there will not be one man who will protest this addition. They may even offer to up their membership fees to help pay for one…or five. Just don’t be surprised when they all stop their weight lifting to admire your awesome stamina. 

3 reps of 20-30 throat jousts once a day will train that throat to take all of him, and will give your esophagus a hell of a kung-fu grip. 

A very good idea to be coming from a pig whore.

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