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Pussy Training: Depending on the faggot’s innate level of emasculation, there are multiple techniques a Man can use to wean it off of its penis. For the faggot whose resistance to pussy training is low, pulling its penis back between its legs, where it can no longer serve as an instrument of penetration, is a good first step. Doing so clearly communicates to the faggot that its arousal comes only from playing the passive role during sex. In time, as the faggot comes to accept its pussy as its only source of sexual gratification, there will be less and less need for the Man to touch its penis. In fact, once perfected, the faggot will react with confusion and discomfort to any stimulation of its pseudomale equipment.



A fetish is a fixation on an object. Wearing latex gloves depersonalizes the experience further. Someone with a fetish isn’t interested in a personal relationship. The pig simply provides the fetish object. The pig is breathing display case for its cunt, asshole and tits. The tits are pulled downward as if they’re being milked. Some sort of lotion is applied. The tits are being evaluated for their shape, how the nipples point directly down, the thickness and consistency of the tit meat. There is no need for the pig. The pig could be headless, just a body with a stump for a head, kept alive artificially. It would make no difference. It might actually intensify the fetish if the distracting head were removed.

Holes is just an object to be used. It know it is nothing more than this fuck pig.


Marriage is slavery. Historically it is the exchange of ownership of the woman from the father to the husband. Even the vows of the ceremony in itself reflects this. ‘

the bride says “, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part” The groom omits the word obey, as well he should. 

Think of your grandmothers marriage. Was it not happier than your sisters? Than the one you see on TV these days? Your grandmother knew that obedience would make her happy. She knew her place. She promised to cheerish that place in front of their collected extended families and friends.

Today, the very point of the ceremony is for the man to mark his woman. To make sure that no other men use her withouth his consent. To tell the world that she is worthy of his protection and aid.

He gives her his name, to signify that she is no longer an individual but part of his household. Then, when he is ready to be a father he impregnates her. Society knowing that a woman who weds will soon carry offspring and be forced to stay home to take care of it pays the woman less money, for she is liable to quit her job whenever the husband sees fit to breed her. She will be dependent upon the man to provide for her and her children. Beg for his help and ply him for his favour constantly for every little thing she wants as she has no income of her own. Then when the man feels that she is no longer adequate as a sexual partner or no longer needs her to raise his children she is kicked out from his household. “Divorced” is the legal term and made to look for lower quality men to help provide for her as she, having not worked in many years is essentially unhirable.

Only women of significant quality, the ones who pleasure their men more than the pleasure he believes he can recive from a tight little 18 year old stay wed.

Or well. That’s how it should be.


After college she didn’t really know what to do. Her english litterature degree didn’t exactly guarantee work. She felt ashamed that as an adult her parents had to provide for her. She started dating this boy. He knew a lot of things about a lot of things. He had a good job, his own apartment and steady paycheck. Pretty soon they were fucking all the time. It wasn’t the giggling sort of fun she had with boyfriends in the past, no, he turned her, flipped her, used her. He never went down on her or communicated with her or laugh. He used his fingers and his strength to tease her to cum when he wanted, use her body as he desired.

It didn’t take long before she moved in with him. There was less shame in living off your boyfriend than your parents. At least your boyfriend got something out of the arrangment.

When he moved to another country for work last year she followed with. What else was she to do? Move home? She didn’t speak the language in this new country, nor did she qualify for benefits. Since she didn’t have an income she did not qualify for a bank-account. Since she didn’t have friends in this new country of theirs her boyfriend felt that the household didn’t need the burden of two phones, or two computers. Whenever she wanted to call her parents or her friends, or look something up online all she had to do was ask.

He took care of her but his demands on her begun to increase. Soon they agreed that she was responsible for keeping their house clean and cooking dinner. They agreed that she would spend more time taking care of herself. Dolling herself up, exercising more. Soon they agreed that she was to receive bigger tits.

This picture was taken just after he told her that she was going to carry his child within the month. I can not interpret her expression, how she feels about this. What do you think?


I came home from the beach the other day with tan lines from my bikini, which displeased my roommate who had to look at my uneven skin while he rammed his cock into me. As a solution, he and some of the other tenants in our building took down the hammock by the pool and strapped me up instead, slathering me with tanning oil before leaving me out in the midday sun. 

They came back at dusk to find my cunt dripping and my skin raw. Rather than unchain me, they took turns raking their nails across my burning skin before finally taking up a whip and watching me buck and moan as they brought it down mercilessly on my destroyed tits and stomach.

My entire body felt like I’d been set on fire, punctuated by their slaps, whips, and scrapes. It would be days before I could even move, weeks before my skin healed itself.

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