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I once had a friend in the army invite his friends over for a party, where I would be the entertainment. I had thought they just wanted a hate-fuck and a laugh, but as soon as they arrived, they stripped me, bound me, and covered my face with a towel. Deprived of my sight, my heightened hearing distinctly picked up the sound of flies unzipping. One of the men  cleared his throat comically—this was a game, I sensed—and announced: 

"In training, our men last an average of 14 seconds being water-boarded before begging to be released. Let’s see how you and piss-boarding measure up, cunt."

And as panic overtook me, the first stream of piss started to soak into the towel and fill my nose and mouth. I began to buck uncontrollably as the salty liquid filled my head, gasping and sputtering as I sucked in wet towel and hot piss. My world was caving in on itself—I was literally drowning in the piss of hateful and horny strangers as they laughed at my expense. 

I don’t know how long they piss-boarded me for. I know I begged for release after what felt like ages, and I know they didn’t comply. They just kept pissing until the last man had emptied his bladder, while those that had finished watched, laughed, and stroked their hardening cocks. 

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After balancing me on the edge of the old dumpster out back of the trailer park, just for the pleasure of seeing my cunt digging into the splintering wood, he swung me around and tore into my aching pussy.

It felt like he did it in one, swift motion as he emptied his hot cum deep in my soaking, sore cunt. Finishing, he pulled out and pushed me backwards into the dumpster, letting the lid slam down as he tucked his dick in his pants and walked away.

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For a little slut to feel totally owned, often Daddy has to modify her body, which is after all, his property. It’s evident from the tan lines that this process has begun, and that he wants to keep her nice and still as her lips, nipples, and clit are pierced. Her mouth will be pierced shut for a time, and a clit shield installed to ease her will to be obedient during such an intense bit in training.

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