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Here I get my food in the dark dungeon. My new sleeping place.


Sister Katherine stopped dead. It was her first day at the sanitarium, and Dr Alcott was showing her around.

"Dear Lord!" She cried. "Your patient! That doctor!"

"Oh, that’s not a patient, It’s an anxiety station," Dr Alcott explained calmly, "It used to be a nurse. And he’s not a doctor - he’s a patient. Just like me."

Sister Katherine felt the jab of the needle in her neck. The “doctor” caught her as she collapsed, every muscle suddenly relaxing. “Finish up there, Tony, and help me get the sister out of this habit and into her new uniform. What do you think - Anxiety station? Self-worth enhancer? Anger release unit?”

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Candy’s Tail:
“ARF! ARF!” Candy barked happily and looking up with adoration at her new handsome Master.
“Did I just fucking bark???” Candice thought to herself. “What the Hell is going on here??? Why can’t I speak??? Did I just suck off Dr. Thomas???” Her thoughts echoed with in her spinning prison of a mind.
“ARF! ARF!” Candy panted heavily as thick globs of her Master’s warm cum oozed from her thick pouty lips. She wiggled her firm bare ass and fluffy tail as her Master caressed her warm cheek. Instinctively Candy closed her eyes and nuzzled her Master’s firm hand with her face whimpering pathetically like a love sick puppy. She loved her Master but she craved his hot cum!
“Good girl Candy! See, I knew you would make a fine little bitch in heat!” He grinned at his hot little naked pet kneeling before him.
“I have a fucking tail??? And where did these ridiculous boobs come from???” Candice’s mind, or what was left of it, was in a deep fog. She had no clue what had happened to her.

Candice was a recent psychology student graduate. She was at the top of her class and one of the most sought after girls on campus. One man in particular, Dr. Thomas, found Candice especially intriguing.
She was one of his brightest psychology students and the thought of transforming her into a drooling, stupid animal was too good to pass up.

The 42 year old handsome professor had made numerous attempts to ask her out, but the hot 24 year old student wanted nothing to do with him.
“What a little bitch!” He thought after she rejected him once again. “Bitch. Bitch! Oh yes! You will be a true bitch in every sense of the word!” He smiled to himself and set off to plan her transformation.

Candice would go for her evening run through the park every night, and it was one particularly warm summer night two week ago that her life would change forever. A strategically placed trip line was set up by Dr. Thomas in a very remote section of the park. Just like clock work, Candice came running by in her tight running shorts and sports bra. Even as a sweaty mess she still looked stunning!

What happened next occurred in the blink of an eye. Candice hit the trip line and fell hard to the ground knocking the wind out of her. In a split second a ball gag was shoved in her mouth and a rag placed over her nose. With in seconds she had passed out submitting to the chemically soaked rag, and the stranger who attacked her from behind.

Over the next two week Candice began her transformation from brilliant psychology student to a pathetic, dumb naked animal that would obey her Master’s every command. She was subjected to 24/7 mental stimulation and never allowed to fall asleep. She was kept in a drug induced state that kept her awake but unable to move or speak. Candice was kept completely naked, helpless and at the mercy of her captor.

Dr Thomas wanted to make sure she was the hottest little bitch in town and had a plastic surgeon buddy that was willing to help with Candice’s physical transformations. At just 5’ 3” her once firm little 34b cup breasts were blown up to pornstar like 38 dd tits leaving no question what she was all about. Her lips were also surgically enhanced and two small stainless steel rings were permanently welded in to place through her now enlarged nipples.

Finally just for fun Dr. Brian Thomas had “Brian’s Bitch” tattooed just above her now perfect freshly lasered clean pussy. A thick leather dog collar and a removable fluffy tail plug were the perfect finishing touches to his new sex toy.

As Candice kneeled before her Master she glanced in the mirror just behind him. There she was completely naked with huge pornstar boobs bouncing with her every movement. A large fluffy tail plug painfully filled her tight ass and a dog collar firmly locked around her slender neck. Thick globs of cum oozed from her pouty lips giving the final touches of her new personae. She was a slut. A dirty, naked bitch in heat.

Tears welled up in her eyes even though she smiled and panted happily for her Master. She wanted to scream but every time she tried all that came out was a happy bark.

"Ok Candy now turn around and raise that pretty ass up in the air. I think it’s time we removed your new tail for a little bit and filled it up with something good. Do you want me to fill your little tight ass with my cum? Do you girl?"
Candy got all excited and began spinning around in circles barking like crazy! Eagerly she dropped down on all fours and raised her firm ass up in the air and wiggled her tail happily.

With a firm tug, her tail plug popped out with a lewd wet slurping sound. Candy whimpered nervously as she felt her Master’s throbbing cock poke at her once virgin hole.
“Good girl Candy! Remember what I taught you baby: you are now addicted to my sperm and you have to have it inside of you each and every day if you want to be happy. Do you understand?”
Candy nodded and began to whimper eagerly now for more of her Master’s cum.

Candice glanced in the mirror again as Dr. Thomas began to brutally fuck her virgin ass. There she was looking like a stray dog, a slutty bitch in heat down on all fours and getting pumped full of his cum in her ass. She tried to scream out in pain and frustration but all that came out were happy barks.
Once again she started to cry on the inside unable to control her body, but to her Master she was the happiest little bitch in town. And his forever.

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"But we have to tell the cops!"

"Tell them what exactly? That we accidentally misplaced one of our pledges last night? That he was last seen wearing rope, an oak tree on his back, and a sneaker on his face?"

"I don’t know, but we’ve been wandering around out here for hours. It was so dark last night and all these woods and trees look the same!"

"Look, we go to the cops and we’re fucked, and how do we know he didn’t get free and head back to campus? I say we go back to town and call his cell phone."

[phone ringing]

"Hello? No this is not Jeremy. Is this Chris or Cody? I see, well Jeremy is unable to come to the phone, thanks to the help you provided last night, he’s now down in my basement. Listen carefully, here’s what you are going to do. First you’re both going to hike out to the woods where you left your friend. Don’t bother with the rope, in fact bring nothing but your naked selves. You will do this at dusk or I’ll be calling the cops myself to be reporting Jeremy missing. You’re both to retrieve the two sets of handcuffs by the guard rail where you entered the woods, leave your clothes there, and take the handcuffs with you. Walk into the woods about a quarter mile, then lock your wrists together around a tree. Wait there. Do as instructed or the sheriff gets a call by 9:pm tonight" [click]

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My friend Josh said I could crash on his brother’s bed.  “Jake will be out all night with his girl, so it’s no problem.”

It was a problem.  It seems that Jake’s girl was a tease, and when the light flicked on, Jake was in no mood to debate.

"I knew I would find you here sooner or later.  Josh never mentioned he had a fag for a friend, but I had you pegged from day one.  Lucky for you my chick seems to not like my dick." he said while reaching over and locking the door.

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Why buy toilet brushes and other equipment to clean the toilet when you have a woman? Of course she will be doing the cleaning anyway, but it will be so much more entertaining to watch her clean if she does it with her tongue. And when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl you can give her a helping hand. Her hair does an ok job as a toilet brush. And if you flush the toilet while you hold the cunts face in it, you clean off any mess she may have picked up while licking the toilet clean.

Women, useful for so many things.

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